Sailing & Scuba diving in Indonesia, aboard the luxury liveaboard

General Conditions (updated 28th May 2015)

HSL Management Ltd, hereafter referred to ‘HSL’, is the PT WAOW CHARTERS, hereafter referred to ‘PTWC’, representative and is responsible for the handling of the reservations. The following General Conditions form an integral part of the contract entered into with HSL Management Ltd and PT WAOW CHARTERS.

Please read them carefully and return a signed copy with your registration form to confirm your reservation.



The prices quoted on our website and in promotional materials provide an indication but are not classified as a contracted price. For contractual purposes, the following documents will be provided: A full quotation valid for 15 days and requiring confirmation by the client, a full description of the voyage, a copy of these general conditions and a registration form.

All prices quoted are per person in twin share. However, all cabins have a double bed plus a large single bed and therefore being able to welcome an additional 3rd passenger on request.

Price 3rd passenger in cabine: 8 - 12 years old - 50%; 13 years and older -25% 

Price for one person per cabin: + 60%


1.1 Included in the cruise price:

  • Airport transfers to and from the boat.
  • Cruise in twin share.
  • All meals, snacks and non-alcoholic beverages.
  • 1 glass of wine per person offered at dinner
  • Diving services including tanks, weights, fills, guides and dive tenders.
  • Use of the photo/video room.
  • Land excursions (without taxes).
  • Entertainment system in both the cabins and the saloon.
  • Internet connection (for e-mail only)


1.2 Not included in the cruise price:

  • Flight tickets
  • Travel and repatriation insurance
  • Airport taxes
  • Port and park fees (*)
  • Dive rental equipment
  • Nitrox (*)
  • Dive courses and certification such as Nitrox and Advanced
  • Alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine, spirits and cocktails
  • Use of satellite telephone
  • Internet connection for browsing & data allowance  
  • Massages
  • Fuel surcharges (*)
  • Souvenirs on board
  • Tips

(*) for details, please refer to our web site page "additional costs"  


1.3 Loyalty Discount

Customers wishing to return onboard WAOW within 18 months of their previous voyage will benefit from a discount of 5% from the published price, and also free Nitrox. This discount is not cumulative with other specials or discounts including FOC places for group bookings.



2.1.1 Reservations

Each reservation needs to be made by mail, either postal or electronic. Please include your name, no. and date of the cruise, the number of places reserved, the names of the passengers and any special requests.

Your reservation is confirmed on receipt of your signed contract documents in their entirety (quotation and General Conditions) to HSL Management Ltd / your agent reservation center (fax, scanned email, letter), accompanied with your first payment (deposit). At this time your reservation with "WAOW" is validated and you will receive in return a confirmation from HSL/your agent relating to your reservation. From this time on the rights and responsibilities of the contract, including these General Conditions, will take effect in the best interests of both, you the client, and HSL/PTWC.


2.1.2 Children aboard

Children are accepted aboard from the age of 8 years old. During the cruise we remind you that children remain the total responsibility of their parents. Parents are required to ensure that the children respect all safety procedures and do not disturb the peace and quiet of the other passengers, or the effective management of the cruise. No babysitting services are offered onboard.


2.2 Deposit and Payment of Balance

At the time of your reservation you need to pay a deposit equal to 30% of the price of your voyage. The balance of the voyage price must be paid to HSL/your agent at least 60 days before the departure date. In the case where a reservation is made less than 60 days before the departure date, the total voyage price must be paid at the time of reservation. If payments are not made in the time frames required, PTWC reserves the right to refuse the services contracted and to enforce the cancellation policy mentioned in Article 2.3 of these conditions. In the case of a payment made by credit card (Visa and MasterCard only), a surcharge of 4.5% will be added to the quoted bill to cover the card company charges.


2.3 Cancellation

In the case of a cancellation after the voyage has been confirmed, firstly, HSL /your agent must be informed by phone or email followed in writing (signed fax acceptable). At this time all documents already sent to the client need to be returned to HSL/your agent. To determine the date of cancellation, the following business date of the signed fax or email will be used as the specific cancellation date. In the case of cancellation the following conditions apply:

  • More than 180 days prior to departure: 30% of the total price of the voyage.
  • 180 to 91 days prior to departure: 50% of the total price of the voyage.
  • Less than 91 days prior to departure: 100% of the total voyage price.

We highly recommend taking out an insurance policy covering accidents and repatriation. This insurance should take into consideration the costs involved in accident treatment including hyperbaric treatment and/or repatriation. In the case of a diving accident, or other accident, where the accident was not caused by a service provided by PTWC or their employees, HSL/PTWC/your agent will not be held responsible and any requests for compensation will be refused. 


2.4 Claims and Complaints

If you have observations, complaints or requests for reimbursement, you shall contact us within 10 days of the return from your voyage. Beyond this time it becomes extremely difficult for us to intervene. All requests for reimbursement relating to additional services, or services invoiced but not provided, will be studied on presentation of documentation and additional information.

In the case of litigation legal jurisdiction will be Hong Kong. 


2.5 Modification or transfer of reservation.

For all modifications of reservations HSL reserves the right to invoice administrative costs at a maximum of CHF 250.00 per person.

If for any particular reason a passenger cannot travel for the voyage reserved, the reservation may be transferred to another person. HSL must to be informed in writing within 7 days of the voyage, including the reason, and be supplied all information on the replacement passenger. The new passenger must respect all conditions of the contract and HSL nor PTWC cannot in any way be held responsible for any expenses or changes outside of the cruise (Hotels, flights etc.) A new contract will be established with the replacing customer in the shortest timeframe possible. All conditions of the contract must be respected including passport validity, dive certification, medical certificate etc. All documents need to be signed and the balance of the cruise paid including the above mentioned administrative costs. 


2.6 Full Boat Charters or Groups

It is possible to charter the boat completely. In the case the conditions and price are determined on the basis of a special group offer.



The usual number of passengers per cruise is generally 20 (2 per cabin). However, the vessel has the ability to accommodate 3 passengers per cabin on request, therefore the maximum capacity of the vessel is rated at 24.



A passenger or third party who makes a reservation for other participants must ensure the obligations of their travelling parties (specifically in the respect to payment) as with their own individual obligations. The contractual obligations and general conditions are applicable to all the travelling party.


2.6.3 Programs and Itineraries

Full boat charters must respect the general program in regards to the dates of the cruise. In effect, this relates to the date and departure point of the boat. The boat must imperatively leave and arrive at the locations of the general itinerary due to logistics for the following charters.



In the case where a full charter is organised, it is possible to modify the programme somewhat. (Duration of a stage as an example) However, the necessity to respect the arrival and departure dates and ports still remain.


2.6.5  Booking and cancellation conditions for Full-Charters and Half-Charters  

  • A deposit of 30% and non refundable is made at the time of your reservation
  • A second payment of 20% and non-refundable is made 180 days before the departure
  • 91 days before departure the balance must be paid in full  

In case of cancellation, no refund will be given. A trip cancellation insurance is highly recommended to all passengers


2.6.6   Specific chartering "outside our program" : 

It is possible to charter WAOW for specific destinations and itineraries, outside our normal program, under the following conditions. 

  • A deposit of 30% and non refundable is made at the time of your reservation
  • A second payment of 20% and non-refundable is made 180 days before the departure
  • 91 days before the charter the balance must be paid in full

In case of cancellation, no refund will be given. A cancellation insurance is highly recommended to our clients
The additional costs due to a specific relocation of the vessel are added to the cost of the charter. This will depend on the normal program location of the vessel both before and after the reserved charter. The price of the relocation will be communicated to the client before the deposit is made. All quoted relocation costs must be paid at the time of the invoice.


2.7 Changes in brochures, internet site, prices and itineraries.

HSL reserves the right to modify brochures, website, and list of services, itineraries and prices at any time up to the date of the contract conclusion. In this instance HSL /your agent will advise the client leading up to the conclusion of the contract. The validity date for the contract is based on the date of receipt of the payment deposit.


2.8 Price Fluctuations

HSL/PTWC may change the contract prices after the contract conclusion up to 30 days before the departure in the case of a sudden increase in operating costs that are outside of our control. These may include fuel prices, maintenance costs, catering costs, administrative costs, exchange rate fluctuations or evident misprints in our material. (Excluding TVA, port and park fees).

If the increase in our prices is greater than 10% of the total voyage cost, the passenger has the right to cancel their contract, without penalty, in writing, within 5 days of the increase notification. In this case HSL will reimburse the entire amount of all payments made in the shortest timeframe possible.


2.9 Change of itinerary and transportation between the time of reservation and the departure

PTWC reserves the right to change an itinerary or certain services due to unforeseen or inevitable circumstances (for example adverse weather conditions). HSL/PTWC will endeavor to compensate for these changes by offering an equivalent alternative. HSL/PTWC/your agent will notify the client as soon as these circumstances are known and also how these circumstances may have an eventual effect on the price. 



3.1 Cancellation or trip interruption caused by the client

So as to preserve the serenity and safety of the boat ‘WAOW’, it’s passengers and staff, HSL and PTWC reserve the right to cancel the reservation before departure or landing a passenger during the trip if an inappropriate action or indelicate behavior of the said client justifies it.

In this case HSL/PTWC will not reimburse any of the amounts already paid. All complaints against HSL/PTWC will be contested.


3.2 Cancellation by PTWC

3.2.1 Unforeseen Events , Force majeure or other similar reasons

PTWC reserves the right to modify, interrupt or cancel a charter when unforeseen events are imposed on the company or when the security of the travelling clients may be compromised. These may include but are not limited to: refusal or cancellation of navigation rights, flight landing rights, strikes, civil or international war, political or economic disturbances, terrorist threat or activity, fire, climatic, seismic or volcanic events endangering the safety of our passengers. In any case you will be informed by HSL/PTWC/your agent as soon as is possible. In these particular cases, the traveller may not apply for reimbursement from HSL/PTWC/your agent. Travellers, who have foreseen travel insurance taking these unforeseen events into consideration, may request reimbursement directly with their respective insurance company.

In case of technical damage occurred aboard WAOW and preventing the departure of the cruise, PTWC and HSL will:

⁃      Either provide an equivalent service on a similar type of boat.

⁃      Either postpone the trip without charge at a later date.


3.2.2 Compensation due to injury, sickness, death or material damage.

Neither PTWC nor HSL assume no responsibility and offer no compensation for injury, death or damage occurred to the passengers property during the cruise and not directly involving its staff.


3.2.3 Lack of Participants

If the minimum number of 4 participants, mentioned in the contract, has not been met, PTWC may cancel the voyage up to 21 days prior to departure. In this case an alternative program will be proposed. If this is not possible, or you decide to decline the proposal, PTWC/HSL will reimburse all payments made up until that date. Any form of additional compensation will not be allowed.


3.2.4  Disabilities

The passenger must declare at the time of reservation that they do not suffer from any mental, physical, or other, disability that may put them, or other passengers at risk. PTWC reserves the right to refuse the contracted services to a passenger presenting these risks during a charter.


3.2.5 Scuba Diving Safety

For PTWC safety is of principal importance on all voyages. It is the client’s responsibility, as a certified diver, to respect and follow the guidelines given by the WAOW guides and instructors, plus to follow the regulations stipulated by their certification agency. Clients are solely responsible to provide a diving medical statement or physicians medical dated within the last 12 months, certification card and log book. Ignoring the directions given by the guides, or not presenting certification card, log book or valid medical paperwork may cause a limitation or disqualification from scuba diving on the voyage. The diver accepts their responsibility to be technically capable of participating in the activity of scuba diving and fully accepts the risks associated. We reserve the right, for safety reasons, and at the discretion of the WAOW guides, to refuse access to one/several dives if they do not have the necessary competence to participate safely.

We highly recommend an insurance policy covering accidents and repatriation. This insurance should take into consideration the costs involved in accident treatment including hyperbaric treatment. In the case of a diving accident, or other accident, where the accident was not caused by a service provided by PTWC or their employees, PTWC/your agent will not be held responsible and any requests for compensation will be refused.



4.1 Document Editing

This current document was last updated and verified on May 28th 2015.

I, __________________________________________ , accept and approve the above General Conditions.


Date:                          __________________________________________


Signature:                  __________________________________________


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