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WAOW Charters

WAOW Charters Benoa Serangan Harbor Bali Indonesia - Luxury liveaboard for dive charters and cruises

WAOW Charters

'WAOW' meaning “Water Adventure Ocean Wide” stems from our love of the ocean and diving and our willingness to commit to projects providing the necessary infrastructure for passionate people to dive and explore the beauty of the Indonesian Archipelago.

Below you will find a short profile on the principle people involved in our current projects for both the 60m liveaboard and the 14m dive catamaran.

Meet the Staff

Michel Deville creator of the luxury Liveaboard WAOW for dive charters in Indonesia

Michel Deville

It is he who has dreamt of this ship, so hard, that he just couldn’t sleep any more.

Setting this project into motion he thought he would be able to sleep again, oh no! Maybe he will sleep again once the project is finished.. In the meantime, even with no sleep, he gets worried, exasperated, excited, and emotional, wound up, but generally loves every minute of it. I guess we could summarize all this by saying. “He’s fully living his adventure”.

Founder of the laboratory BIOLOGO S.A in Switzerland, he has had the opportunity to express his tenacity by combating the Swiss Authorities (Swissmedic) for the recognition of alternative medicines.

He was not content with just this however, with an entrepreneurial spirit, it was in 1991 when, with Christophe Paul, he was one of the two founders of ABYSS World, a company reputed for the conception and organisation of dive voyages all around the globe. Michel is also very creative, definitely an eccentric artist.

So motivated in his search for different ideas and forms his entourage often needs to calm him and channel his creative energies. With this distinctive side, the final decorations of the boat will be his private mission and personal statement.

Julia Deville co-founder - luxury Liveaboard WAOW for dive charters in Indonesia

Julia Deville

Wife of Michel, hobby diver and photographer, she has resigned from her job as an industry Key account manager, technical support and project manager which she held for over 18 years, to join the challenging project MSY WAOW.

She coordinates and manages the numerous projects undertaken by her and Michel, among which the commercialisation of MSY WAOW and our web site www.waowcharters.com.

Gérard Schoch co-founder - luxury Liveaboard WAOW for dive charters in Indonesia

Gerard Schoch

A long term friend of Michel, Gerard is also a very successful entrepreneur.

He began by directing a large European publishing house. A communicator of the highest level, he created an advertising and public relations company, SPEOS CONSEIL.

He is best known in Geneva as the founder of one of the first private radio stations in Switzerland, Radio Lac. A station which was recently sold by Gerard to take his well earned retirement.

Remaining very active due to his enthusiasm and love of action, he is definitely nonstop. He remains very active as a consultant in communication and as mentioned is very passionate about the project of “WAOW”. He has taken on this project at full speed and has put his arm into the grease just to the elbow.

His management and communication experience will automatically position him as the team leader and person responsible for the communication and public relations.

Wulan Sane Assistant Director of the luxury Liveaboard WAOW for dive charters in Indonesia

Wulan Sane

Wulan is our Indonesian fairy godmother who has always been able to open doors we never thought we could get into.

She has been with the WAOW project from the very beginning, including the entire building and development of the vessel.

Originating from Padang Bay in Bali, she comes from a traditional Hindu family and always reminds us on what day we should be blessing the boat, the crew, or simply embracing life. Wulan works out of our Bali office and handles administration, accounting and logistics.

She is Reto’s right arm and shares her time between the Bali office and working as one of our onboard Assistant Cruise Director.

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SANGIHE Islands 

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