Photo & Video Credits

Photo & Video Credits


All photos used on this site are the exclusive property of WAOW Charters or their authors. The copying, use or sale of these images is strictly prohibited.

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All photos have been taken during a cruise onboard WAOW. 

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Photographers :

Fabrice Abbey
Jean François Barthod
Didier Brandelet
Glen Cowans
Arturo Crespo
Julia Deville 
Alicja Draminska
Janusz Draminski
Stephane Eybalin
Tina Gauer & Olivier Burle
Stephane Griveau
Franz Hajek
Ronnie Heng
Andrew Laughlin
 Aurelio Martegani
Jerome Monney
Steve Noble
Gerald Nowak
Bernard Radvaner
Jørgen Rasmussen
Wulan Sane
Damijan Spes 
Arturo Telle Thiemann
Peter Thorausch

Lee Worrall


Videographer :

Steffan Kilby

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SANGIHE Islands 

   "Pearls of the North"         


 Currently not available

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Dive the BANDA Sea

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