WAOW has been designed with the diver in mind to provide the ultimate experience...

Scuba diving

Manta ray in Komodo - Manta Alley - Diving in Indonesia with liveaboard WAOW

Our philosophy

  • Be able to explore destinations as mythic as they are far remote
  • Have range capacity for extended expeditions for the entire Indonesian Archipelago
  • Provide experienced, passionate and personable cruise directors and dive guides
  • Provide a feeling of total exclusivity for the customers on board

MSY WAOW has been designed with the diver in mind to provide the ultimate experience. Scuba Diving is the principle past time offered on board. She is therefore equipped to an extremely high level drawing on the teams more than 30 years experience in the industry. 

From the equipment used to the itineraries proposed, our philosophy is based on the following criterias and goals:​

  • Modern and well maintained facilities for hassle free diving 
  • Operate multiple dive speed boats from the main ship to ensure small dive groups
  • Supply state of the art, yet non intrusive, safety systems required for remote diving operations.

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Beautiful anemone clown fish - scuba diving in Indonesia KOMODO with WAOW luxury liveaboard

Dive Facilities

Diving Facilities aboard the liveaboard MSY WAOW cruising for diving in Indonesia

Facilities and other Watersports

From the standard of the equipment to the 40m2 shaded dive area at the bow, WAOW will provide the following facilities:

  • 2 Compressors
  • 12 litre scuba tanks (200bar, single INT or DIN valves). A limited number of 15 litres tanks are available on request (with supplement - see our page "Rental Equipment")
  • several full sets of hire dive and snorkel equipment
  • NITROX fills (with supplement - see our page "Rental Equipment")
  • Oxygen therapy and full safety equipment
  • for your security we provide free of charge a Nautilus Lifeline (VHF GPS) to each diver
  • 3 dive tenders are available, each with the capability of taking between 6-8 passengers. For all excursions from the main ship such as diving, snorkeling and land visits
  • 2 kayak's & 2 SUP's (Stand Up Paddle boards)



In addition to the facilities for divers, it will also be possible for beginners to have an introduction to diving or to complete their diving certificate after their pool and theory training in areas which permit such activities.

The crew will take care of transport, cleaning and stocking of equipment and, if the guest requires, the rinsing and stocking of camera equipment.

Dive groups will be separated in the tenders by experience levels and types of dives requested.

On the return to WAOW deck showers and cleaning tanks will be available for rinsing off with fresh water.

It is recommended to have a wetsuit of between 3 and 7mm, the water temperature being between 20 and 29°C . For diving around the Komodo region the water temperature can drop even further. Hence, 7mm Neoprene would be recommended or 5mm with hood as a minimum in Komodo and Alor reagion. 3 to 5 mm for the northern reagions such as for example Raja Ampat.

Dive Tenders

Diving Tenders speed boat - liveaboard WAOW indonesia Komodo Alor Flores Raja Ampat Wakatobi Sulawesi Manado

Quick and comfortable transfers to the dive sites


  • 3 tenders are available or excursions away from the main vessel (land excursions, diving).
  • 2 are built from fibreglass for up to 8 divers for one and 10 divers for the other, are approximately 7, resp. 8 meters long with tank racks, out board motors and radio communications with the main ship.
  • The 3rd tender is a semi inflatable fast RIB, for up to 6 divers, approximately 6 meters long, can handle bigger seas and also be used for land transfers to and from the main ship.
  • This will provide the ability to separate small dive groups, quickly and comfortably dive areas several miles away from the ships anchorage.

Rental Equipment

The Phinisi Charter vessel and liveaboard WAOW cruising, sailing and scuba diving in Indonesia, from BALI to Raja Ampat - Papua Barat. Rental equipment on Bord MSY WAOW.

You need some dive equipement?

You can hire following items on board at the rates indicated hereafter. The detailed booking needs to be done when you book your cruise, the cost will be invoiced together with the cruise.

Item US$/Day US$/Dive
BCD 8.00 n.a.
Regulator 12.00 n.a.
Dive Computer 8.00 n.a.
Mask & Snorkel 3.00 n.a.
Fins 6.00 n.a.
Full Set *  30.00 n.a.
 * BCD, Regulator, Computer, Mask, Snorkel, Fins    
Item US$/Day US$/Dive
SMB (surface marker buoy) free  
Weights with belt free  
Nautilus Lifeline free  
Wetsuit 6.00 3.00
15 litres tank   8.00 n.a.
Torch 6.00 3.00

Dive Guides

MSY WAOW liveaboard cruising and sailing for scuba diving in Indonesia, Komodo, Raja Ampat, Misool - Dive Guides MSY WAOW, Banda Sea, Triton Bay, PapuaBarat, Cenderawasih

Professional dive staff

Our dive guides on board have been chosen based on criteria required to run a high end dive liveaboard. These include experience, passion, language skills, personality, qualifications and local knowledge. There will generally be 4 to 6 dive staff available to ensure a maximum of 4 to 5 divers per guide. Our dive guides experience and knowledge will allow them to inform our guests on the fauna and marine life, and to ensure that divers encounter the areas of interest, both above and below the water, presented in the briefings.

The diving operations are run and organised by the "Cruise Director" on board. PT Waow Charters has 2 of these cruise directors working full time for the company. A minimum of one will be on board to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that our clients experience the best possible voyage.

Dive Briefings

Take full advantage of your dives


Our dive briefing needs to be comprehensive and informative. Before each dive an underwater map will be presented for the dive site (excepting exploratory dives) on the TV monitors or a white board.

The site will be explained to you by one of the guides and photos will be shown to you relating to areas of special interest. The strength of experience and professionalism of our operation can be clearly seen in the maps, site listings and positions that have taken years of exploration to accumulate and correlate.


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The Phinisi Charter vessel and liveaboard WAOW cruising, sailing and scuba diving in Indonesia Papua Barat Cenderawasih,  Lembeh Strait, Manado, Celebes Sea to Sangihe

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