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Looking for some more WAOW adventures

Komodo - May 2017

The entire experience on the WAOW was exceptional in every way. All of the staff/crew made so much effort at all times to be friendly, welcoming and helpful. I really felt at home and can't wait to come back to explore new itineraries. Guislain & Lorine were outstanding cruise directors, taking care at all times that we were having the best experience, both spending time with us to share experience, give us extra info, make us comfortable and welcome. Everyone provided a memorable 5 star experience and I cannot say thank you enough. I am sad to be leaving and excited to return for more WAOW adventures.

Ann - U.K. 

Sport Diver

An unforgettable experience

Raja Ampat - December 2016

Returning the Geneva was somewhat difficult after this magnificent cruise.
We wanted to congratulate all the team for putting together a project that can only be described as perfect.

Due to my work I am very fortunate to discover many tourism offerings on all continents. Honestly here, Waow, is just Waow... This says it all. The attention to detail, the understanding of the crew, the quality of the cabins, the chef, the tender boats, the preparation and maintenance of the equipment, the log book sent after the cruise, the surprise photo signed by the crew, the home cinema system with the massive collection of films and music... I am looking looking but I can't find...ah yes, the king size bed in cabin 1 was leaning 3 or 4 degrees towards the center of the boat. This was corrected by putting something under the mattress but the suffering that I endured for 2 nights rolling towards my wife...yes you understand that I am joking but the bed did have a slight angle on it. 

In brief, we are "hooked" and will return on WAOW just as quickly as we can.
From the bottom  of our hearts thank you for this unforgettable experience and for the magnificent attention to detail. Thanks also for sharing these compliments with all the crew even if we already filled out the questionnaire form onboard. (If it rates more than 5 it's our fault as we often wrote 6/5!)

With our fond regards
Philippe & Barbara - Switzerland

Exceptional boat, crew and food!

Komodo & Alor - July 2016

Our expectations were for sure exceeded onboard WAOW. It all went like a well oiled machine with top service all the way. Exceptional boat, crew and food! Everyone makes their job to welcome and serve us. We love this boat and this part of the world. 

Rosann & Larry - USA

Sport Diver


Raja Ampat - January 2016

Perfect cruise, perfect operation,  professional and adorable crew, huge space available onboard and finally a great value for money. We've been so impressed by the WAOW that we have no other choice than coming back onboard!

Xavier & Dominique - France

Those 12 days were "WAOW"!

Raja Ampat - December 2015

I was fortunate to live for 12 days on the WAOW whilst diving the north, middle and south of Raja Ampat. I could make my comment very brief by stating everything in those 12 days was "waow" but this wouldn't help you -reader- a lot :) … 

The first contacts to gather information were excellent: very fast respons, very informative and helpful on f.e. flight possibilities and many more. I quickly felt well supported which for me also was a good sign for the professionalism of the whole organization. This feeling was confirmed in everything from the moment of arrival at the airport in Sorong until the end of the trip. After being greeted at the airport by a crew member we quickly got to the harbor and to the ship, which exceeded my expectations: a glorious three-master, in perfect condition. After a warm welcome I got to see the cabin which was -based on my earlier liveaboard experiences- very spacious and luxuriously comfortable. In the first days all the things on board could only be judged eyes wide open with “waow”. It would be to much to describe everything and I have to say I would like to leave some details as a surprise. Rest a sure none of it will be negative.

There is a possibility to eat inside but -weather permitting- we nearly always ate outside on the deck. Before the early-morning dive some light breakfast is available. After the first dive a variated breakfast was served buffet-style. For lunch and dinner one was served at the table. Lunch and dinner consisted always of soup, entree, main course and desert. All meals were excellently prepared smaller portions with various tastes. I was very pleased with the portions: one could always get a good idea of what the chef wanted you to taste. One may easily compare it with high quality cuisine. For those who were more hungry, one could always ask for a second portion.

Diving is done from dingis. What was totally new for me is the extended service the crew delivered: after a well-prepared briefing one only had to make sure he was ready with his wetsuit on, diving computer and diving mask. The nitrox analysis for the different tanks was listed and had to be signed of by each diver. For those with a camera, they could prepare it in the camera room and simply place it on the designated area on the deck. Diving gear and cameras were loaded on the dingis by the crew. 
Diving is done in small groups, all with a dive guide (max. 5 divers per guide). Because of stronger currents some dives were rather challenging but all very rewarding. I found visibility in the south better than in the north. Although water temperature varied between 27 to 29 °C I always dived with a 5mm-wetsuit which was very nice when sometimes thermoclines were met in the water. The biodiversity in fish, corals and macro-life was impressive: very healthy hard and soft coral reefs, never-seen large schools of different fish and a macro-world which was rather of a nano-scale to me :). After the dive, same procedure: whilst one enjoyed a shower the crew cleaned the cameras and the wetsuits in designated fresh water containers and changed the tanks on the dingis. 

There are 3 to 4 dives offered a day, with the 4th dive either being a sunset- or a night-dive. On days were three dives were organized we made very cool land trips, climbed a mountain (!) and had drinks on the beach. When one skipped a dive one could enjoy a superb massage on the sundeck or in the room. On the last day we had a detailed boat tour, which I found a great idea as one usually does not get the chance to have a look behind the scenes how a liveaboard is run.

I am sure I forgot to describe many many things but as I have stated before: everything around and on the WAOW is very professional and very waow :). I can very much recommend a wonderful diving trip and I am sure I will return on this liveaboard!

Dieter C. - Belgium

Sport Diver

Best live-aboard scuba diving experience ever!

Komodo - July 2015

Absolutely, bar none, the best live-aboard scuba diving experience ever! The opulence and luxury of this dive operation are beyond any expectation I had prior to arriving. The staff are courteous and professional without being intrusive. The dive guides know everything and keep you out of harms way whilst still affording you the best vantage point for that award-winning shot of the wide-angle or macro aquatic beauty! 10 out of 10 is not a high enough rating unless this were Spinal Tap.
Enjoy and thank you Waow!! See you again soon!

Henry M. - USA

Service was outstanding!

Komodo - July 2015

Great Captain & Crew, beautiful ship, fantastic diving, excellent friends old and new! Absolutely loved our trip and adventures on the WAOW. Cabins were very comfortable and spacious for a live aboard, food was great, service was outstanding! Hoping to experience another WAOW tour in 2016 or 2017. Would strongly recommend a WAOW experience to anyone...

Mark F. - USA

Sport Diver

The ultimate diving luxury experience

Forgotten Islands - March 2015

This is the ultimate diving luxury experience. This is one of the most beautiful boats around, it is run by great staff, and the diving is nothing short of world class.
It is not always that you can give something a 5 star rating, but if anyone deserves it, it is the wonderful WAOW.

Yazan N. - The Netherlands

My best diving experience ever!

Komodo - April 2015

My best diving experience ever... I was amazed on every points !!! Exceptionnal crew  !!!
WAOW Boat... The place to be... And to dive !!!

Luca L. - Switzerland

Sport Diver


Raja Ampat - February 2015

Beautiful boat, beautiful diving and awesome people. Loved every second!

Elly S. - UK

WAOW II... ??

Kommt uns in Paris - Stand C03
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WAOW Liveaboard für Tauchsafaris in Indonesiaen am Salon de la Plongée in Paris

Die SANGIHE Inseln

" Die Perlen des Norden's "

WAOW's  Route  weg vom ausgetretenen Pfad

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Neue Route der MSY WAOW Liveaboard  in Indonesien für Tauchsafaris. SANGIHE Inseln Nord Sulawesi, Celebes sea, Bitung, Lembeh, Manado, Bunaken, Bangga

Tauchen in der BANDA Sea !



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Tauchen Sie die BANDA Sea in Indonesia, Korallen Dreieck, Begegnungen mit Hammer Haien, mehr pelagischen Fischen,  wie Jack-Fisch Schulen, Barrakudas, Kobra Seeschlangen und vieles mehr. Mit dem ultimativen Tauchsafarischiff Liveaboard MSY WAOW - Pinisi