ALOR • Gems of Alor

Maumere • FLORES
Maumere • FLORES

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Cruise Key
Critters, unspoiled dive sites, drifts along the walls, clear and warm water, volcano sightseeing, unexpected encounters, and local products.
Sea Conditions
Generally calm all year round, can be windy towards the South
Weather Conditions
Tropical weather, sunshine and nice sea breeze that can be windy at night time, a light jacket is ideal.
Nature of dives & Currents
Dive sites are very varied from clear water critter dives to drift and adrenalin dives with action. CURRENTS can be strong especially between channels.
Water Temperature
Avg. 27C° and, towards the South, generally a bit colde. Can be as low as 18C° to 23C°
Maumere • FLORES

The WAOW staff will pick you up in your hotel or await your arrival at Maumere Airport to assist and accompany you on board SMY WAOW at Maumere harbour, only a short drive of around 10-15mins away. Our experienced staff will look after your luggage and transfer it to your cabin onboard SMY WAOW while you enjoy our "refreshing welcome drink". As soon as the last guests are onboard around 04:00pm, you will be introduced to our team and have plenty of time to settle in, get everything ready and enjoy life onboard with us.

Maumere • FLORES

Early breakfast befor disembarkation & transfer to the airport or hotel between 06.00am and 11.00am at the latest

All long distance passengers arrive in Bali one day before embarkation day. The boat departs at 04:00pm from Maumere Harbour.
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The Cruise

Further East of the famous Komodo National park lays the island group also known as "East Nusa Tengarra ". Located in the warm tropical waters of The Flores Sea, this huge island chain is the mountainous result of volcanic activity, which makes for stunning scenery both above and below the water. From white sandy beaches, crystal blue sea to the lush green rain forests and golden brown shades of savannah like scenery, we dive down to the sparkling coral gardens, teeming with huge shoals of reef fish. Sea fan covered walls, seamounts and ledges with spectacular visibility and a huge array of marine life. Some of the sloping sandy bottoms offer remarkable critter hunting grounds. There are plenty of opportunities to find those rare critters like frogfish, mimic octopus, fire sea urchin and even rare rhinopias in the hundreds of bays and coves that are featured in the island chain. The Flores Sea is rich in large marine life and each year whales and dolphins travel from the Pacific and Indian Oceans through the deep but narrow Nusa Tenggara island chain, which has been identified as an important migration route for numerous whale species as well as great schools of tuna.

Typical dive sites


The diving along the north coast of Adonara offers very nice gentle sloping coral reefs with quite a few coral bommies on sandy patches. Very good for critters; ornate ghost pipefish, pipefish, frogfish, seahorse, leaf scorpion fish, and ribbon eels. This area remains an opportunity to dive unexplored sites to reveal the Gems of Alor.

Alor & Pantar

The 3 inactive volcano islands in the Strait between Alor and Pantar make it a perfect combination for some world class diving, with vertical sheer walls, numerous small coves, a good mix of fresh water, slightly sloping silky sand with swift currents that bring so many nutrients in to the bay and provide shelter for critters that take habitat here. From colourful coral to rare pelagic and critters on the seabed, the bay of Alor has it all.


Beneath the towering Gunumg Api, an active volcano 1,450 metres above sea level to the north of Lembata island, are wonderful sites, dramatic sheer walls, plateaus with beautiful hard corals, overhangs, and black sand critter dives. It’s not uncommon to see predators like reef sharks swim along the reef.

North-East Flores

TJ. Bunga has excellent diving; nice shallow reef tops with fine hard corals and abounds with soft corals and sea fans covering the walls & crevices hiding macro delights such as frogfish, pygmy seahorses and ghost pipefish. Often sharks and eagle rays are cruising in the blue. There are also reports of Hammerhead sightings here. 

Komba Volcano

Komba is an active volcano in the Flores Sea with the smell of sulphur in the air when you are nearby. You'll find sheer walls and ridges all around the island with black volcanic sandy slopes up in the shallows. Colorful walls with soft coral, sea fans and encrusting sponges, lots of reef fish along the walls and out in the blue there's a good chance for bigger stuff like dogtooth tunas, mackerels, jacks, rays, turtles and reef sharks. Another highlight of Komba are the regular eruptions, which which turn the night sky into a spectacular natural firework display that can be witnessed from a safe distance.

Maumere Bay

Maumere is a beautiful bay on the north coast of Flores. There is a wealth of macro life to keep any diver fascinated for hours. It’s this diversity that has also made Maumere a perfect place to finish our cruise